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Kathy grew up in the house that her grandfather built back in 1926.  It was one of the first houses on the block, Kathy and her husband Dennis told us, but she was ready to move on.  The house was in need of some serious renovation and had became a burden.  With 3 kids and a family illness, they weren’t in the position to take on the renovations themselves.  With the kids off school in the summer, last thing they wanted to do was list their home with a Realtor and deal with a lot of unnecessary foot traffic through their home.

Since the property was in such poor condition their options were very limited when it came time to sell.  The electrical was out of code, the sewer line and roof needed replacement, as well as extensive interior work.  These are issues that would prevent them from passing inspections and appraisals (for more on appraisals, click here).  The only buyers capable of purchasing this house would have to pay cash (check out “Selling your House for Cash Doesn’t Mean Less Money”) and be willing to take on a huge and costly renovation project.

We’re glad that Dennis decided to call us.  From the moment we stepped into their house we knew that we wanted to buy it.  Although the house was in poor condition, we could tell that it was well taking care of over the years.  We were also able to see the potential.  It is a great house and we were so delighted when they decided to move forward with us!  Our goal is to renovate their house to a beautiful standard and find a family who will move in and take care of it the way Kathy’s family did.

Thanks Kathy and Dennis!

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