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Fiona Byrne Ryan

Before buying a house in any city, it is important to know the lay of the land. Buying a house in Ferndale, Michigan comes with its own unique checklist. Since Ferndale is an older city, with many homes built in the 1920s, its infrastructure is older as well. Here is a list of the top 5 things to look out for when buying a house in this beautiful city.

1. Beware of Basements When Buying a House in Ferndale, Michigan

Ferndale Michigan Basement
At 511 Camden, we replaced the sewer line, added a drainage system around the perimeter, and finally painted with sealant. It fixed the problems in the basement

Basements are great for the extra storage and square footage they add to a house. However, they can cause some worry when selling or buying a house, and Ferndale basements are no exception. In these old houses, you’ll find a lot of wet and damp basements. The sewer lines in the City of Ferndale are also old and in need of replacement. This can cause them to back up into the basement.

Tip 1: Have a sewer line inspection performed. Don’t risk discovering problems too late in these beautiful, yet old houses.

2. Think About If You Want to Be Close to Nine Mile – The Pros & Cons

Being close to Nine Mile is a top priority on many people’s lists when looking to buy a house in Ferndale. However, this proximity to the busy Ferndale Downtown comes with its ups and downs. Nine Mile has many cool bars, restaurants, and the popular Western Market and Ferndale Foods for your weekly grocery shopping. The Natural Food Patch, Red Hook Coffee, The Library Store, and Boston Tea Room are only a few of the unique businesses located on Nine Mile. There is a cost to the convenience, though. The properties near Downtown cost more, parking is hard to come by, and noise from the summer festivals can become a burden.

Tip 2: If you want a quiet neighborhood, look to buy a house further away from Nine Mile. However, if you don’t mind the noise and congestion, and love being near great businesses, then Nine Mile can be the perfect location for you!

3. Learn More About Ferndale Parks

Wilson Park Ferndale
Wilson Park on Hilton has a great dog park

We love Ferndale for its parks. There is a different park for each day of the week and one to fit all your park needs. Wilson Park off Hilton has a designated dog park, while Martin Park with its tree lined border has baseball diamonds and a sledding hill. Other large parks are Harding park in North Ferndale, just South of I-696, Geary Park is a short walk from Downtown Ferndale, while Garbutt Park is down closer to 8 Mile. If you’re looking for something more intimate, look no further that Marie Park, Gainsborough Park or Fair Park.

Tip 3: Locate your favorite park and look to purchase a home near it. Being near a park will help connect you to your neighborhood and community.

4. Ferndale is a Walkable & Bike-Friendly City

The City of Ferndale is 3.88mi², with the downtown area of Nine Mile right through the middle. No matter where you decide to buy a house, you’ll never be more than a 2 mile walk from the city’s main hub. The recently paved Hilton has designated bike lanes and pedestrian crossing, making it an important thoroughfare for the residents living on the East side. The newly named “SoFe” district is a quick cycle down Livernois, for easy access to unique shopping and eating.

Tip 4: If you like cycling, purchase a home close to Hilton or Livernois. These two areas offer the best routes from both biking and walking enthusiast.

5. West is Not Always Best

There was a time when East Ferndale was considered the lesser of the two sides of Woodward. This has changed in recent years due to an increase in top rated restaurants and attention from homebuyers. People want to live in Ferndale, so they don’t discriminate between east and west anymore. We recently spoke to an appraiser who said “the price gap between East and West is rapidly closing.” The east also has the quickest access to I-75, getting you to Downtown Detroit in under 10 minutes.

Tip 5: Check out the East Side for a quicker commute to Downtown Detroit. Buying a home East of Woodward is now just as desirable as West of Woodward. But you might still find some better deals, so look quick!

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