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Fiona Byrne Ryan

How We Met Ferndale Resident, Sandi

We first meet Sandi in May 2017, after speaking with her over the phone. She was a senior living in 458 University in Ferndale in need of a transition to a senior living facility. During our conversation she had mentioned how much she loved dogs. She told us how she only adopted elderly dogs so they could live out the rest of their days in a loving household. After discovering our common love for dogs, we asked if we could stop by her house with our dogs next time we took them for a walk. Since we also live in Ferndale and in the same neighborhood, it would be easy to bring the dogs by. Of course she obliged, and soon after that we introduced her to Hank and Howie.

Problems Sandi Had Already Encountered with Her Ferndale Home

After meeting us and the dogs, Sandi got right down to business. Recent interactions with a Realtor and Cash Buyer had made her cautious. “You’ll have to move all your things out before you list your house”, the Realtor urged her. “Your house needs a lot of work and isn’t worth much in this condition” the Cash Buyer said, before he would insult her with a low ball offer. These comments were upsetting. She lived in her home for 32 years and 8 months. She shared it were her beloved mother until she passed, and she held her home very dear to her heart. By making those comments, they showed the lack of compassion and understanding of her situation. She wasn’t about to get pushed around however, so she kept her search going to find the right people.

We Cared About Her Home

After the previous encounters, she was skeptical when she first invited us into her home. Were we going to help her or give the same unhelpful suggestions that she’d already heard? We loved the house from the second we stepped foot inside. Yes, it was in need of updates, and even though it would have been hard for her to sell it in its current condition, it was a still a great house! “All it needs is a fresh face lift”, we told Sandi. Sandi appreciated our comments as she too thought of it in that way.

The Need to Transition to a Senior Living Community

Sandi had live at her house in Ferndale with her mother until she passed. She inherited the home and continued to live their happily until the summer of 2017. She had only recently returned home after a slip and fall, and was hospitalized for many months. Living on her own since her mother passed, she felt it was time to move into a Senior Living Community. A place that could give her the companionship she was missing while living on her own. With her recent health scare and knowing that she is aging, it was the right time to leave her beloved house behind and start fresh.

Waiting Lists & Uncertainty Made it Difficult to Sell

Her next step was to find somewhere to live. Working closely with Sandi, we learned that this was just the beginning of the battle for seniors. Every senior living facility she checked had an extensive waiting list. There is no set date when you’re going to get the call either, but you better be ready to move when you do or else you may lose your spot in line. She was determined to get $100,000 for her house. This would fund her new living situation.

How Property Solvers Helped Sandi

After learning Sandi’s situation and difficulties she was facing, we were committed to helping her reach her goals. Our proposal for Sandi would have all the factors she needed for a happy and successful transition. We presented her a hard copy of the proposal, and told her to take as long as she needed to read and think it over. She was also able to show the proposal to her friend and attorney, Carol, who could make sure that everything was on the “up and up”.

We Made Sandi’s Transition Easy

inherited house Ferndale senior resident

Sandi was delighted with our proposal. We were able to purchase her house for the full $100,000 she wanted. We gave her the maximum cash offer possible, which ultimately made everybody happy.  We gave her all the time she needed. There was no rush, we promised we would purchase her house, at the agreed price, whenever she was ready to close. This relieved her from the stress of uncertainty. Rest assured, her house was sold when she got the call to move into the living facility. She could enjoy the last few months in her home happy, without worry, and prepare her goodbyes in peace.     

Making Her Preparations to Move

Sandi did what she could to get rid of all of her belongings. Holding estate sales and donations to charity. We had to hand it to her. It was a tall task to take on at her age, but we were amazed by her self-determination. The day we closed on her house there was just a few more items she asked us to donate, and the garage was full to the brim with unwanted items.

What We Did With Sandi’s Beautiful Ferndale House

house for sale ferndale mi michigan 48220 458 universityWe gave Sandi’s house the face lift it needed. Updating the kitchen and bathroom, installing a second bathroom and finishing the basement, removing a section in the dividing wall between kitchen and living room to create an open floor plan, and refinishing the hardwood floors. Her house was now up to today’s standards. As soon as we finished the renovation, we invited Sandi over so she could be the first person to see the transformation of her home. Our hope now was to find someone who would move in and love it the way she did for so many years.

New Beginnings

Working closely with Sandi for so many months, we became friends. To this day, we stay in touch and visit her at her new home. We are delighted to see her so happy. She’s very social and chats with everybody. That was something she was missing for so many years. Seeing the smile on her face makes us so happy that everything worked out for her. She tells us that she was able to leave her home in peace because she knows she sold it to the right people. We’re humbled and proud that she feels that way about us. We asked her, “Sandi, why did you decide to sell your house to us?”  Her answer with a big smile, “Because Howie [our dog] gave me a kiss the first time I met him.”

Want to see what we did with the house?  Check out our renovation!

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