It has been a big relief having a smooth construction process at our house renovation in Ferndale, Michigan. Check out our first blog for Phase 1 and before photos. The last few houses we renovated ran into some pretty tough snags along the way. Thus far, the step by step construction process of 715 Withington has been kind to us. We have to credit the smoothness of this project on three major factors:

  1. Timely materials
  2. Good scheduling
  3. Working with a familiar crew

1. Timely Materials Make for a Smooth House Renovation

Being organized at the very beginning of the construction process made a big difference. All our materials were picked out and ordered before we hired our contractors. Jobs get held up when materials don’t arrive in a timely fashion. In this case, all materials were ready and waiting, so our guys could keep rolling through the house renovation.

Materials included: floor tiles, wall tiles, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, interior doors and knobs, window, and cabinet hardware.

2. Good Scheduling Keeps the Construction Process on Track

Another important factor when managing projects is scheduling. We worked closely with our carpenter so he knew when other tradesmen were scheduled.  Since a certain amount of work needs to be done before you can schedule tradesmen (i.e. hardwood floors and plumbers), this gave our carpenter a clear timeline. He knew how much he needed to get done at a specific time so hardwood floors can could get done, the granite counter tops could be installed, and electricians could do their work. Good scheduling and clear communication are key when multiple tradesmen are required for your house renovation project.

3. Familiar Ferndale, Michigan Crew

We have work with this particular crew on previous projects. Each contractor is familiar with each others’ work and familiar with how we run our jobs. This makes things easier because we’re passed the part of getting know each other. You tend to get to know your contractors well when issues arise. You witness how they handle problems, you get familiar with their temperament, and you see how they overcome obstacles. They understand our expectations and we know their expectations. This makes things easier and saves a lot of time when issues do arise.

The Step by Step Process for 715 Withington, Ferndale

Are you looking to start a renovation project yourself? Having knowledge of the step by step process of the construction process is imperative for a smooth project. We have listed steps for this project so you can get an idea of what an interior house renovation in Ferndale, MI looks like.

1. Demolition of Living Room, Kitchen, and Bathroom

living room demo hardwoods fireplace house renovation rehab Ferndale Michigan
Living room demolition in Ferndale, MI included carpet removal, wall and fireplace paneling removal
Kitchen demolition included removing cabinets, laminate counter tops, ceiling paneling, appliances, light fixtures, carpet and trim
Bathroom demolition included removing wall tile, carpet, window, vanity and fixtures

2. Rough Carpentry Work Throughout House

bathroom cement board rough carpentry house renovation rehab Ferndale Michigan
Cement board for tiling in bathroom renovation.
  • drywall repairs
  • laying and hanging cement board for new tiles
  • Frame new mantle piece above fireplace
  • hang new drywall
  • install new window

3. Rough Plumbing in Bathroom

  • install new diverter and water line for shower

4. First Coat of Paint

rough carpentry house renovation rehab Ferndale Michigan

5. Finish Carpentry Throughout House

  • Installing kitchen cabinets
  • Putting in new tile on kitchen floor
  • Installing new tiles in bathroom floor and wall
  • Install granite counter tops
install brand new kitchen cabinets house renovation rehab Ferndale Michigan
Brand new kitchen cabinets in our Ferndale house renovation.
install brand new kitchen cabinets house renovation rehab Ferndale Michigan
Installing floor tiles in our Ferndale kitchen renovation.
bathroom tile install install brand new kitchen cabinets house renovation rehab Ferndale Michigan
Floor and wall tiles in our bathroom renovation.

6. Electrical

  • Installing new light fixtures
  • Installing new plugs and outlets

7. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

We are nearing the end of the house renovation. The finishing work is being completed as we speak. Here’s what left in our construction process:

8. Final Carpentry

  • grout newly installed tiles in kitchen and bathroom
  • install new door casings and baseboard trim
  • rebuild linen closet in hallway
  • install interior doors and knobs
  • complete mantle piece above fireplace

9. Final Plumbing

  • install toilet
  • connect bathroom sink to water line
  • connect kitchen sink to water line

10. Final Paint

11. Final Punch List

If you have any questions regarding this renovation, or a renovation of your own, please reach out to us! We look forward to sharing the totally renovated Ferndale, Michigan property 715 Withington in a couple of weeks.

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