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As I write this, we are in the midst of the Corona Virus Pandemic.  All the shops are closed and everyone is expected to self isolate at home.  It makes us realize how fragile our way of life is, especially for our elderly loved ones. If we haven’t realized the difficulties mom is facing living on her own, we definitely do now. We have to be extremely careful of what mom is being exposed to because of the potential health crises involved. Our elders are extremely vulnerable and need to be protected.

If you’re planning on selling mom’s house, here are some tips and insight you can follow:

Tip 1: Get mom out of the house

When you’re selling a house on the market, you are going to have to accommodate for multiple showings.  Strangers will be going through the house looking over everything.  Ideally, you have already thought out mom’s next living arrangement so you’ll be able to get her out with little effort. The best-case scenario would be to move her out beforehand and put the house up for sale while it’s vacant.  Bottom line, exposing mom to multiple strangers could be dangerous so we need to make necessary arrangements.

Tip 2: Schedule showings on specific days

Still working on mom’s next living arrangement?  Schedule showings for certain days and have her stay with you in the meantime.  Showings for Saturday’s only, for example.  Now you can plan on having mom over for the weekend without having to expose her to a possible virus.  This will take extra patience because of the limited showing availability to potential buyers, but mom’s health is what’s most important!

Tip 3: Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize

If location, location, location is the 3 most important words in Real Estate.  Then sanitize, sanitize, sanitize will be the 3 most important words for actually selling your house.  Before bringing mom back home make sure to sanitize everything.  You don’t know what people are going to touch when walking through her house.  One thing is for sure, they will be opening and closing doors and cabinets.  These areas especially will need to be sanitized.

Tip 4: Print out specific showing instructions for potential buyers

Does mom still have a lot of belongings in the home?  Print out instructions asking potential buyers not to touch certain items like dressers, tables, or sit down on the furniture.  Chances are they won’t anyway but it will make them mindful to be careful while they do their walkthrough.  It will also be a good idea to include in the instructions that buyers MUST have a mask on before entering the home.

Tip 5: Have a sanitary station by the entryway

To be sure potential buyers are clean, set up a sanitary station right where they’re going to enter the home.  A bottle of hand sanitizer and wipes made available will go a long way in ensuring your mother’s safety. It will also be a welcome sight for buyers.  Knowing that the home will be clean for them to do their walkthrough.

Tip 6: Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are a great way to showcase your home.  With buyers becoming more cautious about which houses they want to enter, we can expect a big increase in buyers shopping for homes via virtual tours.  Virtual tours may in fact become more enhanced and will be an integral part of a buyer’s decision to view your home in person.

Bonus Tip: Give us a call!

We can purchase mom’s house directly from you.  Saving you the time and hassle of listing mom’s house for sale on the market!  We have a simple 3 step process.  We will be the only people walking through her house.  With our patience, honest approach, and fair market offers, selling mom’s home can actually be enjoyable!


Selling mom’s home is challenging enough.  For most of us, mom’s home is the house we grew up in.  We have never known our lives without it.  The immense emotional attachment can only be soothed by knowing that it’s the best decision for everyone.  Now the challenge becomes the actual process of selling her home. This is when you need to reach out to a professional to help.  For further assistance on how to choose the right person to work with, read this story about one of our clients.  Because working with the wrong person can be detrimental!

How is the real estate market going to look when our lives get back to normal?  How is this going to affect potential home buyers and sellers? Are sellers going to be comfortable having people in their home?  Are buyers going to want to enter multiple homes during their search?  One thing is for certain, the corona virus is going to be fresh in people’s memory for a long time to come.

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