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The following is an excerpt from our May 2020 Newsletter. Scroll down to view and download the full newsletter in PDF format.

Challenging times present us with a unique opportunity. It gives us a chance to appreciate the things we have taken for granted and to rediscover our gratitude. We are thankful for being able to present you with this newsletter. We hope it finds you with your spirits high, and know that your community is thinking of you!

5 Tips for Being Happy While Cocooning

Tip 1 – Share Your Feelings

Bottling up our emotions only creates stress. We need to release the stressful energy by sharing how we feel with others. If you are feeling lonely, share that with someone. By getting that energy out in the open you create a cure. Sharing our feelings is to be truthful to ourselves. This gives us the strength we need to be happy.

Tip 2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Oftentimes we’re afraid of inconveniencing someone. Or we are prideful and feel like we can do it all ourselves. Things we cannot do or don’t have time to do never get done and then become clutter. Clutter clogs our minds and creates anxiety. Free your mind of the clutter in your life and ask for a helping hand. There is always someone willing to help. A willing hand transforms an anxious situation into an enjoyable one. Share a smile and get it done!

Tip 3 – Stay Positive

Think of something that brings joy to your life. Like a smile from your grandkids. Joy will give you a boost of positive energy, which makes us feel good and energized. If you have a negative thought, quickly move past it. It’s not worth your time! Negative thoughts only make us feel bad and drain our energy.

Tip 4 – Keep the Fear at Bay

Fear is nothing more than giving your attention to an unwanted future. A good way to overcome fear is to begin by closing your eyes and taking 10 deep breaths. This will release tension and now you become focused on the present moment. Now, open your eyes and you will realize that there is nothing to fear. The present moment is all that matters. We don’t need to bog ourselves down with an unknown future.

Tip 5 – Keep It Simple. What matters is within your control.

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed. Everyday we are bombarded with so much information, most of which does not pertain to us. So it’s best that we don’t involve ourselves emotionally. Let’s keep our minds focused on the simple things. Like planting our gardens, staying in touch with our family, or organizing around the house. Aren’t these the only things that matter anyway?

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