Our Three Step Process

Step 1. Situation

This is a face-to-face meeting at your home. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and learn about you and your house. You’re welcome to book a ​Free Appointment​ ​now if you’re ready to get started.


Our first step is always to do a walkthrough of your home. With more than 10 years experience buying houses in Metro Detroit, we have an expert eye so we can be thorough and efficient. We’ll use our custom ​Home Evaluation Sheet​, noting your home’s most unique features and any repairs or updates that are needed.

Unlike the listing process, at this stage, your home does not need to be empty or even tidied up. We’re even happy to meet your dogs or cats if you have them.

Listen and Learn

After the walkthrough, we’ll sit down together to learn about your situation and any special circumstances, priorities, needs and goals you may have for the sale of your home. Knowing where you are now and where you want to go helps us put a plan together that will help you get you there.

Appointment Overview

Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible throughout our entire process. Before we part ways, we will give you an ​Appointment Report ​so you can review the key points of our conversation after we leave.

Step 2. Evaluation

Crunch the Numbers

Since we’re local and have been since we started this company 10 years ago, we have a deep understanding of Metro Detroit’s housing market. In this phase, we will assess the market, comparable home sales, approximate home improvement costs, and your Home Evaluation Sheet to calculate your maximum cash offer and identify your best options.

Explore Options

We always include a competitive cash offer in our plans because it tends to be the cleanest, most advantageous route for our clients.

But accepting our offer isn’t always what we recommend in the end. Sometimes the situation and our evaluation points to making a few strategic updates and listing the home through a traditional agent as the best solution.

And sometimes, it leads us to solutions our clients never considered, like adapting their home for their special needs or making some necessary home improvements and bringing in a caregiver so they can stay in their own home.

Step 3. Recommendation

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Within 24 hours, we will come back to you with a Personalized Solutions Plan with the best course of action to get you to your goal. We’ll layout the options we considered and a detailed rationale for our recommendation. Armed with this information, you’ll feel confident in your decision on how to proceed.

Every Personalized Solutions Plan includes a cash offer for your home. It tends to be the cleanest, most advantageous route for our clients, The benefits of a cash transaction are many: Expect from our offer:

  • Maximum cash offer possible
  • Terms based on your needs
  • No commissions leaves more money in your pocket
  • No issues with appraisals and inspections
  • No one else walking through your home
  • Close on your timeline
  • Extra support

That being said, occasionally we recommend against taking it when there’s another option that’s more advantageous to our client.

We’ll Support and Guide You Every Step of the Way

We have the expertise ​to craft solutions around your specific needs so you can choose the path that’s right for you.

We have the flexibility ​to work with your timeline—even when it’s uncertain, rushed or prolonged.

We’re your single point-of-contact ​and representative—no realtors, no strangers walking through your home.

We include a competitive cash offer ​in every Property Solutions Plans so you’ll always have that as an option—although sometimes we’ll recommend against accepting it.

You’ll be in direct contact with us and our go-to title company​, Chirco Title Agency, through the closing process. They’ll handle all the paperwork, answer your questions and ensure a safe and smooth transaction.

If you need transportation t​o the closing, we’ll pick you up.

If you need more time i​n your home after the close, we’ll work with you
to make that happen.

If you need help with having a yard sale, clearing out or donating belongings, we’ll be there to support and guide you.

If you need additional services ​to prepare for your transition, we’ll connect you with the right people in our network of pre-vetted, trusted partners.

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