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We’re excited to introduce our first guest to you. Raylon Leaks-May is a long time Ferndale resident, and recently re-elected to the City of Ferndale’s Council. Having been on the school board for many years and currently working for the Area Agency for Aging 1-B, she has a depth of knowledge over many arenas. Today she speaks with us about all things senior in Ferndale.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Ferndale becoming awarded a Communities for a Lifetime Achievement designation from the State of Michigan, 2019
  • Why Raylon got this for Ferndale?
  • What does this mean for the Seniors living here?
  • Some of the benefits Ferndale Seniors have that you may not know about
  • Area Agency for Aging 1-B – How it works, what you can expect when you call, and the different programs available
  • Raylon shares her recent success story


Raylon’s website, facebook
Area Agency for Aging 1-B website

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