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1737 Leroy, Ferndale MI 48220

Betty was the only owner of the house, which was built back in 1966.  She raised her kids there, and enjoyed the Ferndale community.  She is very close to her daughter Christine.  Christine recognized that the house was becoming too much for her mom as she was getting older.  Wanting to take care of her, she packed up Betty's belongings and moved her into her new home in Northern Michigan.

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715 Withington, Ferndale MI 48220

Mary lived at 715 Withington for over 15 years. "She enjoyed her time living in Ferndale", Charlie her son told us when we came to visit him at the house on a cold November day. Mary had passed the year previous and Charlie had been living there since, but the time had come to let go. Charlie and his brothers were ready to sell and he gave us a call.

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13540 Burton, Oak Park, MI 48237

When we first stepped foot into 13540 Burton, you could tell immediately that it was home to a happy family.  Fred and his family of 6 lived here for 8 years and enjoyed every bit of it, until a very scary incident happened.  A drunk driver drove through their backyard and crashed into the house where the youngest daughter was sound asleep.

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511 Camden St. Ferndale, MI 48220

Kathy grew up in the house her grandfather built back in 1926. It was one of the first houses on the block, Kathy and her husband Dennis told us when we first meet them in June 2017. The house helped them through a difficult time and they cared what happened to it. See Story

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