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13540 Burton, Oak Park, MI 48237

April 30, 2018

When we first stepped foot into 13540 Burton, you could tell immediately that it was home to a happy family.  Fred and his family of 6 lived here for 8 years and enjoyed every bit of it, until a very scary incident happened.  A drunk driver drove through their backyard and crashed into the house where the youngest daughter was sound asleep.

The Property Purchase

Property Condition

The house was in very good condition.  Other then a few updates needed on the inside, the only real issue with the house was the exterior wall where the driver crashed into.

Client Goals

Fred and his family were understandably very shook after a drunk driver hit the back of the house.  Their daughter was terrified to step foot into the house. They couldn’t find a new home fast enough.  Last thing they wanted to do was list it on market and wait for a qualified buyer. They wanted to sell fast so they could have money to move into their new house.  With the back wall damaged from the accident, they weren’t in a position to go through a long mortgage process. They needed a cash buyer who could purchase their house fast.

Why They Chose Property Solvers

When a friend of Property Solvers had reached out to us about Fred’s house, we were excited to come check it out.  When we first arrived we could tell that the family was eager to move. We took one look and wanted to buy it immediately.  We saw it on a Thursday and closed on Monday. Fred and his family achieved a quick sale just as they had hoped for. They also had a lot of belongings that they needed to leave behind because of the quick move.  We were able to clear it out for them at no cost.

The Property Renovations

Renovation Details

Already in good condition.  Freshen up interior and repair the damaged exterior

  • Masonry - Brick work in the back where wall was caved in
  • Carpentry - Frame, install insulation and install new drywall on interior side of damaged wall.  Minor repairs throughout
  • Electrical - Installing new light fixtures throughout
  • New carpets installed in bedrooms
  • Plumbing - Cleared sewer lines of clogs

Lessons Learned

Our lesson came when we sold the house to a new buyer.  Just a week before we were supposed to close we found out a lien was filed on the property against the previous owner.  In order to close with the new buyer it was our responsibility to clear up the lien.  The lien was filed a week after we purchased the property, but before our new deed was filed.  This caused much unneeded stress.  We were on the hook for a large lien that had nothing to do with us, and the new buyer was eager to move-in and was very upset by the delay. To avoid this situation when you purchase your next house, be sure that the title company is providing you with "gap coverage" in your title insurance policy to cover the period between closing and the recording of your new deed.  That way you won't be responsible for someone else's mess.

For full information check out our blog post: "How a Lien Affects the Sale of Your House"

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