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1737 Leroy, Ferndale MI 48220

January 20, 2020

Betty was the only owner of the house, which was built back in 1966.  She raised her kids there, and enjoyed the Ferndale community.  She is very close to her daughter Christine.  Christine recognized that the house was becoming too much for her mom as she was getting older.  Wanting to take care of her, she packed up Betty's belongings and moved her into her new home in Northern Michigan.

The Property Purchase

Property Condition

This home came with a great layout, large living spaces and a huge full basement.  No structural changes needed.  A straight forward renovation. Here's what the house looked like when purchased:

  • Outdated kitchen with old laminate counter tops, wall paneling, and vinyl flooring.  Poorly designed to make the kitchen feel much smaller than it is.
  • Large living space with 2 access points to the kitchen and dining room
  • 1st floor bath was recently updated, but to a poor standard
  • Hardwood floors throughout the main floor
  • Upstairs walls opened up to the studs and joists
  • Old windows throughout
  • Old furnace
  • New siding and roof
  • Garage in excellent condition

Client Goals

When Betty decided it was time to finally move from her long time Ferndale home, she called a "We Buy Houses Cash Fast" ad on TV.  The person promised that they could close on the purchase of their home in less than 30 days.  This was great because it gave her and her daughter, Christine, enough time to pack up her belongings.  They were also planning on using the proceeds from Betty's house to fund their move into their new house.  With fees and interest quickly adding up on her reverse mortgage, and coming close to erasing all of her equity, they needed to move fast.  A week before they were set to close, the person who promised to close in less than 30 days went missing in action.  Betty and Christine never heard from him again.  They now needed someone they can trust.

Why They Chose Property Solvers

When plans fell through, Betty and Christine were stuck in a bind.  They moved to their new home in Northern Michigan, so they weren't nearby to handle the house in Ferndale.  Due to the home's condition, it would have been tough to sell on the market with a Realtor.  Especially within the time frame and price point they needed to achieve.  They also had to accumulate a large amount of debt in order to make the move.  And with each passing day that the home didn't sell, the reverse mortgage kept eating away at their finances.  They needed a trust worthy company who could move quickly.  When we first spoke with them, you could immediately recognize the stress they were under.  After accepting our offer, we stayed in close contact over the phone throughout the entire process.  After being left high and dry, constant communication was a welcome gesture.  When we closed on the purchase of Betty's home, a stressful transition was finally over with.  They could catch up on debt, and finally enjoy their new beginnings.

Client Testimonial

"Brandon and Fiona are wonderful people! They did a terrific job helping my mother. We highly recommend them, and if we ever need a house sold in the future, we will call them again and gladly refer them to anyone else. Thanks again for all your help. We just love you both." - Betty and Christine

The Property Renovations

Renovation Details

Complete renovation. Straightforward as they come!  The challenge for us is to get this done on a micro-budget.  We'll be pulling all of our tools out of the basement for this one.

  • So much floor! - A big layout comes with lots of floors to refinish.  We'll be ripping out the old floor in the kitchen and hallway to install brand new hardwood.  Bedrooms will be carpeted.  Bathrooms to be tiled.
  • Facelift in the kitchen - Big space in the kitchen but it's current layout makes it feel very small.  We'll be redesigning the space to meet today's standards.
  • Curb appeal - Let's freshen her up!  Clear out the old-style awnings to make way for a fashionable pergola and custom-built shutters.  And quit hiding behind those bushes!  We need to see that beautiful exterior!  Just a little landscaping to bring her full potential out.
  • Enclose the upstairs - The second floor was down to the studs when we purchased the house.  Lucky for us the framing was perfecto!  Slap some drywall on and transform her into a beautiful living space!

Lessons Learned

We are so thrilled to have this one in the books.  The renovation process was a trying experience for us.  Much respect to all the contractors who renovate houses for a living.  Swinging hammers ain't easy!  Long hours, most often into the night time, in order to get this one done.  We are so thankful we have the tools and the skillset to complete a job like this.  We learned so much about ourselves in the process, and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!

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