511 Camden St. Ferndale, MI 48220

August 1, 2017

Kathy grew up in the house her grandfather built back in 1926. It was one of the first houses on the block, Kathy and her husband Dennis told us when we first meet them in June 2017. The house helped them through a difficult time and they cared what happened to it. See Story

The Property Purchase

Property Condition

In need of a full renovation. New roof, new windows, major layout changes, new electrical throughout whole house, new furnace and duct work, new kitchen, new bathrooms, the whole works.

Client Goals

The house had become a burden. With three kids and a recent family illness, they weren’t in the position to take on the renovations themselves. They accumulated a lot of bad debt during this time, which they needed to clear up in order to be approved for a bank mortgage. Kathy and Dennis wanted to move into a nice house by the end of the summer and cause as little disruptions as possible to their family.

Why They Chose Property Solvers

We gave them peace of mind because they knew we were going to buy their house and could now focus on finding their new home. We helped Kathy and Dennis clear up their bad debt, which allowed them to qualify and take on a mortgage. They only had to work with us so there was little disruption to their children. Kathy and Dennis liked us. At close, Kathy explained that she went with us because she knew we were honest and trustworthy.

Client Testimonial

“We contacted Property Solvers when we decided to sell our home. They made the whole experience easy for us. They were so helpful and really went out of their way to work with us. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to sell their property”
– Kathy, Ferndale

The Property Renovations

Renovation Details

This house is our biggest renovation to date.

  • Layout changes - The house went from a 5 bedroom, 1 bathroom, to a more modern, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. We opened up walls between the living area, dining area and kitchen to great an open floor plan.
  • Electrical throughout house
  • Kitchen update - Soft close, double tone, wood, shaker cabinets. Glass cabinets for display of delicate dishware. Granite counter, with breakfast top. Under cabinet puck lighting.
  • 1st floor bathroom update - New functional layout. Tub to ceiling ceramic tile

Lessons Learned

Finding the right contractors to work with is one of the most important factors when renovating a house. This was a full renovation with every type of contractor necessary. We acted as the General Contractor, finding and subbing out all of the work. If we were to take on a project this big in the future, for time and efficiency, we would think about using a General Contractor to carry out the whole project.

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