Selling your house at any point of your life can be a difficult transition. Working with homeowners over the years, we have discovered senior citizens face the most adversity when it comes time to sell their house. For this reason, our main focus is helping make the transition as easy as possible for seniors.

Senior Transition Issues We Help Solve

With the right people in your corner, who have the right tools to help you, selling your house can be exciting instead of burdensome. We have real experience and know what difficulties seniors face. We’ve come up with a list of the most common issues we see and make easier for all our senior clients in their living situation transition.

Uncertain Strict Timelines Cause Unneeded Stress

Seniors face the most uncertain timelines compared to any other age group. This is especially true if you’re on a waiting list for a senior living facility. You’re not sure when you’ll be able to move in, but once you get the call, things need to move fast.

Finding the Right People to Work With

Let’s face it, seniors are a vulnerable group who are often targeted by people who will try to take advantage. This is why it is imperative to work with honest people you can trust. Finding the right people will make your whole transition process better.

Showings Cause Safety and Inconvenience Difficulties

Selling your house with a Realtor means showing your house to multiple (often unqualified) buyers, until it’s sold. Vacating your house to accommodate for showings is a difficult task. Problematic weather conditions, health issues, and the need for assistance will make showing a huge inconvenience and safety issue for many seniors.

Repairs Limit Pool of Buyers

Many seniors have lived in their home for a long time. Chances are your house in need of extensive updates and repairs. Outdated houses will limit the pool of buyers. Today’s buyers expect a move in ready house with modern updates.

Downsizing, Clearing Out and Moving Your Belongings

If you’ve been on this planet for 60+ years, you’re bound to have accumulated many belongings. Figuring out what to do with all your stuff can become a burden.

How We Help Seniors

  • Patience – working with your timeline, and closing when you’re ready
  • Promise to purchase – giving you peace of mind knowing your house is sold
  • No showing required – no inconveniences, ensuring your safety
  • No repairs necessary – buying your house in as-is condition is the easiest way to sell
  • Downsizing support – helping you clear out your belongings
  • Honest and trustworthy – supporting you throughout the entire process

Real Life Stories

Sandi, Ferndale

Inherited House FerndaleOn a waiting list for a Senior Living Facility, Sandi faced many uncertainties. With an outdated house and her aging health issues, her beloved home was becoming a burden. She needed our help during this vulnerable time. With patience and understanding, we provided the support system she needed.
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