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Ready to Accomplish Aging Goals With Your Parents & Create More Time for Yourself?

Since turning our Real Estate business into a senior homeowner focused company, we have learned A LOT about the situations and circumstances families face.

We’ve immersed ourselves in the senior service community. Engaging with the seniors while holding talks at Senior Community Centers, participating in Senior Vendor fairs, to helping our own senior clients reach their goals, we’ve acquired a depth of knowledge. What we also found was there are inadequate resources available and most trusted information is difficult to find.

Now, we’ve shifted our business to focus on a big gap we’ve seen missing from the Senior and Real Estate marketplaces – Divergent Holistic Support for Adult Children.

We’ve seen firsthand that not knowing your role and not having an evolving plan can result in overwhelming emergency situations for families.

Excelling at work, spending quality time with your family, and successfully managing your parent’s aging can be effortless and stress-free.

That’s why we’re here!

If you are a high achiever and find it hard to be productive with managing your parents’ aging, our services are for you!

Below you’ll find the 3 different ways you can work with us.

Navigate This Aging Journey

Ever wanted to know how to manage the responsibilities of your aging parents, and at the same time create more time for yourself? The Navigate This Aging Journey Group Coaching Program will help you do just that.

Designed for high achievers whose parents are aging at home, with difficult conversations and decisions that need to be addressed NOW. Join us and a community of others in the same position as you, for this 4 week long interactive, transformational and ground breaking experience. If you’re living overwhelmed, struggling to find balance, and feel like you’ve been running around in circles unable to find answers, allow us to give you the results focused content you need.

See you there!

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Property Wellness Check

If you’re anxious because mom is living on her own, and you need peace of mind that she is living in safe conditions, then our Property Wellness Check is just for you!

Our business began by purchasing and renovating houses in Metro Detroit. We have inspected 100s of homes, bought and sold over 65, and renovated 11. This gives us the experience you need to ensure mom’s safety.

With our knowledge, we will assess the home’s condition and provide you with detailed recommendations that will help ensure mom’s safety, extend aging in her home and save you thousands on needless remodeling.

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Transition Service Provider

Are you or your parents transitioning or downsizing from a beloved home? Not only can this be an overwhelming process, but it can be an emotionally traumatic experience.

Having successfully helped our clients through these situations, and years of gathering resources, we can help make this transition not only smooth, but FUN! You’ll see that moving from your beloved home doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be FULFILLING!

We organize and put together all of the pieces required for a successful transition, show you how you can enjoy your home until the very end, and reach a satisfying closure when you part ways.

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